YouTube is a wonderful platform because it has given most individuals and couples a chance to inspire others while doing a variety of activities. Over the past few years, YouTube viewers have valued the honesty and family nature of most YouTubers. This led to trust and acceptance on both sides.

Most YouTubers put their trust and personal information out there for the world to see, thinking they are making a change or helping someone out there. It feels good to be able to go on YouTube and find answers to your questions or just listen to someone else’s opinion on a topic you care about or have little knowledge of.

I know many people who have learned a lot from YouTube and take pride in the people who have taken out time in their life to help others.

The beauty of the YouTube platform was turned into a nightmare by a group of lowlifes who have decided to share their negativity with the rest of the world. They have invaded the YouTube and social media platform with the scare of hatred, which is why today we are going to focus on; HOW TO RESPOND TO HATERS ON YOUTUBE.

IF YOU DON’T WANT PEOPLE TO TALK DON’T PUT IT ON YOUTUBE. I am not sure who came up with this but I am sick and tired of it. How is it okay to smuggle up negativity by restricting people from sharing something they feel will help them and others, isn’t that what YouTube is about.

I think instead of saying if you don’t want people to talk don’t put it out there, we should start saying “if you don’t have anything relevant to say keep your toxic comments to yourself. I have watched numerous genuine and warm-hearted people get so much disgust on social media for no reason at all.

Most times these comments are so disgusting to an extent that, the individuals writing them strongly believe they know the YouTubers on a personal level. Only a jobless and highly broken individual will insult another on a personal level based on what they think they know. “How lonely can you be”.

What kind of person takes pleasure in insulting and castigating another on social media ….woow sitting behind a screen? I mean that screams total lack of self-esteem don’t you think? Cowards speak louder using a keyboard these days.

This situation gets even worse when the hatred starts to dig down to racial and insensitive emotional abuse. Everyone has the right to an opinion but you have to be a certain kind of person to take the courage to insult someone else.

Most people use YouTube to say the things to don’t have the courage to say in person. They use social media as a platform to fulfill their needs for negativity. All the negative and hateful comments on YouTube and social media are written by people who have lost all interest in their lives and their own person, so they feel the need to make others feel and empty and depressed as they feel every day.

Some will even go ahead as to creating three to four different accounts on social media just to keep trolling you.

Listen do not make the mistake of feeding into their negativity. “The best answer for a fool is silence”. Make it a purpose to ignore them. Leave their comments up and engage with your positive users and let them see how irrelevant they are to you and your mission to inspire.

If someone comments something positive after or before them, make it a purpose to respond to that and believe me “Every fire stated without the continuous intake of gasoline will surely perish”.


  1. Know that haters don’t know how to spell, so makes it even more irrelevant.
  2. Do not respond to them, silence is the best answer for idiots.
  3. Know who you are and learn to honestly laugh at people who claim to know you.
  4. People who call you ugly are 100 percent always uglier, so they need to find a crew to identify to.
  5. Do not feed into their negativity; it’s the only thing that makes them happy.
  6. Know that they need attention and they don’t know a better way to ask for it.
  7. Don’t block it, don’t delete it, they will keep coming back to see if you replied that way you are guaranteed one view every day.
  8. They only hate the things that are perfect about you, so the more hate you get the perfect they think you are. NEGATIVE + POSITIVE = POSITIVE.
  9. They are your biggest fans; you must be doing something right.
  10. No need to get defensive because none of it matters, the words are either false or something you already know and accept.
  11. Life is too short so don’t live the better part crying for someone else’s failures.
  12. They want to see you fail because they are experts at failing in everything they do.
  13. Haters are controlled by jealousy; don’t let anyone who can’t control themselves try to control you.
  14. Always be you and don’t pay attention to what they claim to hate about you because chances are you have something they want.
  15. Never take it personal, they are talking about themselves, they just want you to hear it.
  16. Spend the time you would use reacting to them to build your self-worth and internal happiness.
  17. Always keep in mind you are the bigger person, for having the courage to do what you do every day.
  18. They take time to watch and comment every day because you inspire them.
  19. They are only powerful when you care.