Every New Year that turns by pizza or nah is one question we all ask ourselves. Before every end of the year, we feel the need to improve our health. We acknowledge how much we have failed in this aspect of our lives.

We know we should work on our health. We have the basic knowledge that we could be looking displeasing in less than a year with bad eating habits.Session, Pizza Shop, Acustico Usually, when we talk about eating healthy, we only seem to have attachments to its physical effects.

In most cases, we forget that eating healthy can determine if we live an active life. Eating healthy is more than just looking good.

Sometimes most of us look good physically not knowing we are lagging in the basic health sector. Health is more than just looking good. Health is making sure your body as a whole is in the perfect state to keep you going through a beautiful life.


Getting to start eating healthy can be a pain.

Getting on the journey of eating healthy can be very hard. The most important reason why it appears hard, is as a result of the mindset in which we begin the journey. A very typical way we in which we start our health lifestyle  journey is by watching a modeling show. We find ourselves feeling very guilty and unappreciative of our body in times like this.

After watching that favorite movie of ours, we start feeling the need to do something with our lives. So the next morning we walk down to the store to purchase healthy foods to begin a happy journey. Day one barely passes by with this journey and we are already back where we started.

We need to make a conscious plan to start with the right state of mind. We need to realize that health is not just about trying to look like the models. Health is a lifestyle. It is something you need to dedicate your entire life to fulfilling.


Working model of health is internal growth.

For a start reset your thought on health. Before beginning the journey to a healthy lifestyle, take time out to question yourself. How important is living a healthy lifestyle to you? You need to be very sure of why you want a healthy life.

Your answer to these questions need to be very certain and highly valuable to you. Health should be as important to you as being able to stay alive. Health is important because it is equivalent to having a life. When you decide to start a health journey make sure it is not influenced by factors that will not keep you encouraged.


Your health is more than just pizza

It is understandable that we all have that favorite meal that pulls our attention. Some of us who are food extremist, have a special meals and snacks corresponding to every mood. We have pizza for Netflix and chill and popcorn for our throwback moments. We all know that excessive consumption of fatty and unhealthy foods can cause damage to our eating habits.

So if you have a lot of Netflix and chill in your schedule, it is not doing well for you. Eating healthy is not self-punishment. Eating well is meant to be fun because we have a lot of varieties out there that fit our taste buds, we just need to find them.

You should have fun with your healthy lifestyle journey, enjoy switching things around. While going through your journey, understand that everything you put inside is very important. Everything we eat can either make or break us. We all have weaknesses and strengths in life.

The most successful in life, know how to handle their weaknesses and use their strength. For those who have a sweet tooth learn to control your consumption habit. For all my snackers there is a better way to do it. Learn to snack on schedule and slowly grow to adapt to small consumption.

The first important aspect about eating healthy whether you are a snacker or a fatty food eater, understand that snacks and fatty foods do not complete your nutrients block. You can not survive by eating this all day so make them a special recipe to your eating habits.

Learn to eat keeping nutrients in mind. Let fatty foods, snacks and sweets be a treat. Not, as you move forward that; what you eat is who you are. Pitcheyaninas let your food reflect you. If your eating habit doesn’t reflect you or who you wish to be, it is time to work on it for the right reasons.


Your health affects your present and future.

Being freely active physically and mentally is something each one of us wishes. Being deprived of the activities that add value to our lives is the worst thing that can happen to anyone. Not eating right can expose you to illnesses that create setbacks to your life.

It is very painful to know that,you are laying in the hospital for two months because you denied your body the nutrients it needs to survive. You choose the unhealthy meals and bad eating desires over your life. Your ability to live a good life full of exciting activities depends on health.


Health is not a goal it is a necessity.

Don’t be fooled by what you see out there in the media, the only way to make change is by taking up a better meaning. Don’t start a goal to eat better because you are influenced by the Instagram body goals. Make a change for yourself because it is necessary for your life growth.

Make sure you are ready to start the health journey. Don’t start it because you think its cool, do it because you have no other option. Health is a way of life. If you start the health journey for the wrong reasons you will give up because your will is not strong enough. Let your health journey add joy to your life, not stress.


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