From birth, we were all never thought to handle our struggles. The handling of struggle is a concept which at some point in life affects everyone significantly. The concept of struggles has brought a majority of us to our knees because we don’t have the secret to approach the storm it brings.

We go through struggles believing that it is a punishment from life. In most cases, we forget that struggle is just another factor of life. The storms of Struggle was never meant to kill you believe me. The beauty of life is, changes happen. The changes of life can be good and bad depending on your state of mind.

Whenever you go through changes in life, keep in mind that your pain is someone else’s joy. Changes in life are evaluated this way because we do not all respond identically to change. We respond based on our levels of priorities in life. Now that we have a general understanding lets evaluate how you can translate your struggles like a boss.

  • Struggle is an indication of progress.

Our society has made us believe that struggles are negative and meant to be emotionally draining. We have grown up knowing that we have to accept being stressed and depressed at some point in life. Some of us have learned to manage pain like it is part of us. Listen you should never entertain struggle into your life.

Struggle is not a part of anyone. Struggle is a change in life that occurs due to our translation and understanding of life. Making stress and depression an unacceptable area in your life, is the best decision you will ever consider.

Knowing that our reaction to the stress struggle brings forth is controllable, why do we turn to fall in submission consistently? We can not handle the stress of struggle because we are scared of taking control of our lives. We should never let a factor of life we can control take a toll on us.

Take time out to reevaluate your reactions towards struggles. Question yourself  on the progress you make every time you let struggle take a huge part of your strength away. How long do you intend to go breaking down to every punch life throws at you?

Just like the sports boxing, the way you handle a punch will determine if you win the fight. The boxer who wins sees the punches thrown at him as an opportunity to win, because he/she has learned that those punches are not factors of suppression, if they have control. We need to have control over ourselves.

There is nothing else you can control in this life but yourself.

Self-control is the greatest weapon we have because, we can turn our situation around just by given it a new meaning. Your struggle is a pathway to a great opportunity. Struggling times are meant to expose you to life-changing experiences.

Let go of the thought that struggles are meant to hurt. Next time you are opportune to come face to face with a struggling moment, put on your hustle hat and work your way to greatness. Keep in mind that at the end of a dark tunnel is a spark of light.

  • Reset your thoughts on struggle.

One of the main reasons why we turn to struggle with most things in life is because of our thoughts. There is a statement which goes;

“Making a man useless doesn’t take much. All you have to do is make him think he is useless in life”.

This statement was made to show how much power your brain possesses. But don’t get this concept wrong, your brain doesn’t have control over you, it is there to help you achieve your dreams. If your thoughts have such great effects why not try to believe in greater things.

If only we thought of struggle as a healthy means to greater success, we would have less stressful moments in life. Looking at the good side of struggle is one of the most benefiting skills anyone can possess because you will have tons of changes that will appear as struggles. Take this advice and make a sacrifice for your growth. You can avoid abhorring pain in your life.

  • Look at the bright side for a start.

We must learn to look at the bright side of life so that we can translate our struggles better. It is understandable that the things we have discussed so far, may be hard to absorb. We are going to take our first step to a big change by first acknowledging its importance. One way in which we show acceptance to a concept is by approaching it with a positive state of mind.

To successfully translate your struggle for good, you need to want a positive change. Positive changes only happen in our lives if we make positive executions. The only difference that exists is, no challenge is the same. We all face different challenges because we all have different interpretations of life priorities.

  •  What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

Every struggle moment we encounter in life is meant to add an attribute of strength in us. Each time we overcome a tough moment, we get stronger mentally. Struggles are meant to build us mentally and physically. Building a purpose in life comes from experience and experiments.

We can’t find a true purpose without facing changes that challenge our person. Anything that serves a purpose of growth in your life should be cherished. While going through challenging times always remember that no moment last forever, so make the best of it.

Instead of looking back at depressing moments, try to create memorable moments you will live to remember. Understanding this concept is the route to translating your struggles like a boss.

  •  It happens to everyone

No, you are not cursed. Challenging moments occur in everyone’s life. The only difference that exists is no challenge is the same. We all face different challenges in life because we have different translations of life’s priorities. One of the most important similarities we have is, we all have the ability to control our reactions towards a struggling moment.

Do not lose your ability to find happiness because society claims struggle is meant to be painful. If you can master these tips you are steps closer to achieving the secrets of translating your struggles like a boss.

Please, we will like to know how you handle your struggle times.

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Please we will love to know how you handle your struggle moments.