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Author: Eyanjem


Yayyyyyyyyy! Its summer time and we are all in search for the perfect summer vacation. Well good thing you are here now because trust me when I say the search is over. If you are looking for a beautiful and colorful Jersey summer vacation, then Cape May should definitely be included in your check list.   Cape May is a colorful town found in the south of New jersey, with one of the most beautiful vacation locations anyone can wish for. If you are looking for a quiet and urban type vacation trip, this is the place for you....

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The Secrets of Internal luxury in the 3C’s of life; Choices, Chances, and Changes

You must make a choice to take a chance if not, your life will never change.   The secrets of internal luxury is structured within the uniqueness of 3 words. These words hold an important role in our life path, even though they are not highly acknowledged. From the time of birth, we were all highly influenced by our interpretations of these three words. Choices, chances, and changes are three factors of life that go hand in hand. These words have always determined the outcome of our present and future endeavors. Making the wrong life choices leads to unwanted...

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Every New Year that turns by pizza or nah is one question we all ask ourselves. Before every end of the year, we feel the need to improve our health. We acknowledge how much we have failed in this aspect of our lives. We know we should work on our health. We have the basic knowledge that we could be looking displeasing in less than a year with bad eating habits. Usually, when we talk about eating healthy, we only seem to have attachments to its physical effects. In most cases, we forget that eating healthy can determine if we...

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