Its summer time and we are all in search for the perfect summer vacation. Well good thing you are here now because trust me when I say the search is over. If you are looking for a beautiful and colorful Jersey summer vacation, then Cape May should definitely be included in your check list.


Cape May is a colorful town found in the south of New jersey, with one of the most beautiful vacation locations anyone can wish for. If you are looking for a quiet and urban type vacation trip, this is the place for you.

If you are a beach lover this is definitely the place for you. Cape may has a variety of very colorful resorts to choose from. For all my beach wave lovers don’t forget to bring along your serve boards.

All my Pitcheyanians who love a good tan during vacation, I can’t promise to bring out the sun but I can say from personal experience, you will love the privacy and peace during your time at the beach.  

If you believing in buying very impressive statement pieces, Cape May can also fulfill some of your Vintage shopping desires. Don’t expect to buy high end brand names products but do expect to grab a few statement pieces that will keep you wishing you stayed longer even after your trip. 


To all my food lovers don’t worry, you still have a joyful place in this trip. I can only hope you enjoy a fantastic seafood dinner because you will definitely find one in Cape May’s famous Lobster House.

The only con here is there may be a massive wait list during the weekend periods, but believe me when I say it is worth the wait, speaking from personal experience.

Wait one last thing before you plan your lovely trip.

Make sure  you do some more in-depth research and plan out where you would love to visit, so that you make the best of your trip.

Don’t forget Pitcheyanians stay happy and always let your light shine so that you may witness the beauty in life


Please share your thoughts, would you go on this trip?