Many of us have been living with the struggle of always overthinking situations and events around us. We live with the fear of not wanting to fail or disappoint at all times. We live with the fear of not knowing what is going to happen when we take a decision. We live with the fear of not wanting things to change because we are not ready. We have heard form relatives; love one’s and friends numerous times that we need to stop overthinking. We turn to indirectly chase away our progress in life because we over think the slightest things. We have lived our lives never wanting to take risk even though our dreams will be achieved. Over thinking can deprive you from accomplishing your dreams in life because it makes you prone to fear of taking actions that are on setting. If you have heard or recognized some signs of overthinking in yourself, then you are at the right place. Today we will be talking about 12 SIMPLE HABITS THAT WILL PREVENT OVERTHINKING FROM RUINING YOUR LIFE.




  1. Put things into more positive perspective.

Always try to see things on a more positive side. I understand that this is a very difficult request because when have the sense of always overthinking circumstances it is hard to not see the scary side of things. But this can be very much achieved with practice. Learn to catch yourself going towards the negative side. Tell yourself consistently that there is a good side to everything. Understand that because things look to be going bad means nothing great can happen. Remember “It is in every dark moment that there is light. Successful people realize the route to their lifetime achievement in the struggling times. Learn to catch your self thinking negative so that you can be in the right mind set to find the goodness in your dark moments. Over thinking will get you no where.


  1. Set short time limits for decisions.

Usually when you are very prone to overthinking life situations it is important that you play safe and make great decisions while you are calmed and focused. The most vital aspect of being an over thinker that most people don’t understand is, you are never able to make excellent decisions with that frame of mind. When you are faced with a problem take these two actions;

  • Try to catch your self thinking negative about the situation and immediately start thinking what can I do to solve or improve the situation positively;

If you can’t find a solution then immediately understand nothing negative gets better by thinking negatively.

  • Start getting involved with activity that you know will bring some calmness to your person.


  1. STOP expecting a stressful day

I understand that you have been through so many bad days and you have just accepted it as a part of your life. Regardless of whether your day started out pretty good, you know there is always something out there waiting to spoil it for you and get you started on your overthinking process. Listen if you are looking for something or someone out there to spoil your day believe me you will find it. You have to want to be better in order to be better. You can not expect change while being resilient to it. You have more power and control over your emotions and reactions than you think. Choose not to let that situation affect you so that you can jump over your daily thinking episodes. Are you that person who never has peace of mind because you are always jumping from one problem to another, by the time you are done overthinking about problem A, problem B comes through and you are back where you started.


  1. Take action more.

Most likely if you are an over thinker you turn to take less actions wen it comes to handling situations. It feels more comfortable isolating your self from the situation and into the save space of thinking rather than looking into and action. Over thinkers are usually very scared of action making when faced with negative situations because it adds to the uncertainty they feel at that particular moment. Taking action will help you become a little more comfortable with focusing on the important parts of any negative situation rather than considering emotions.


  1. Accept that you can not control everything

Being able to control everything that happens around you is impossible. People will never react the way you want them and incidents in life will not always occur in ways that favor. There will always bad and good days you just have to choose the way you react to them. You have to choose happiness and peace of mind everyday no matter the circumstances. Never let the happenings of life deprive you from living a fulfilling life because you are busy overthinking your life away.


  1. Keep away from situations that drive overthinking

“Abstinence a better than cure”. Don’t put your self in environments you are aware encourage overthinking. Try to stay around very positive and energetic environment where you are forced to engage in more different activity other than thinking. Study your self and figure out what your soft points are when it comes to overthinking, restrain your self from engaging with them.


  1. Reject vague fear.

Vague fear is the fear of things that are not real. These are things and situations you have made up for you self. They are what you think will happen as a result of that negative situation you had. They are the results you wish for your self without realizing. When ever you put all your energy on vague fear you indirectly bring to life all the things you dislike. Everything you put your energy in will one way or the other be brought to life.


  1. Get involved in physical activities

Physical activities are a great distractor and most importantly vital for your general health. Find an activity that keeps you active, distracted, interested and calmed. I an over thinker you need to trick your self by putting yourself on conditions that are not favorable for over thinking.



  1. Live in the present

One way to prevent overthinking from ruining your life is by always making sure you value the present. Learn to live in the present and leave the events that have passed in the past. Value and make the best of everyday in your life so this way you feel more fulfilled.




  1. Accept your issue and embrace change.
  1. Understand that you have a choice so make use of it.