Living in a movie can be considered one of the most unrealistic dreams in today’s world. We have all had that feeling of wanting to challenge ourselves. We have all woken up with the boldness of wanting to change our lives around. We promised ourselves to keep a good mind and enjoy the act of a wonderful day once and for all.

Right before we get a chance to walk out the door on that sunny morning, we get a phone call that brings us to our knees throughout the whole day. It doesn’t take us long to realize we are right back where we started.

Living a life peacefully is a very hard task when we all have so many influences in our lives. We are going to be evaluating how to make your life a happy movie in 10 simple steps.

  1. Develop self-confidence.

If you want to take on the journey of learning how to make your life a fairy tale, you must first learn the concept of self-confidence. Having self-confidence will help direct you on the right path in life. It will keep you strong throughout the journey in rough times. When life throws punches in the middle of your journey confidence is the factor that saves you from losing yourself.

Most of us find it difficult getting back in the fight of life because we have lost confidence in ourselves. We don’t believe we are capable of doing anything productive, so we just live life waiting for its end. Everyone is capable of greatness you just need to start by fueling yourself with positive strength so that you can finish the journey.


  1. Have an optimistic perspective of life.

Life is beautiful you should never underestimate that. It is understandable that sometimes we crash in the middle of all the things happening at once in our lives that we forget this fact.

We all at some point were very grateful to be alive. No matter how bad things get, we can all acknowledge that it wasn’t always this bad. If life wasn’t always a tragedy, this means there is a peaceful place somewhere in us that is still excited about life. All we have to do is find it.

We need to be optimistic about seeing the next day of life. We can’t predict what the next day would bring, but we can predict how we react to it.

Being able to react appropriately is the greatest weapon we have in life. Having control of your reaction to moments in life is the key to having an optimistic perspective of life.


  1. Invest in your relationship with others

Sometimes we get so hurt by others that we lose the interest in trusting another with aspects important to us. The key word to remember in this step is invest. Learn to invest in relationships worth the time. Yes, it is hard to know if a relationship is worth the time until you realize it is not but believe me, you have to trust your instincts.

Find someone who adds nothing but joy and memorable experiences to your life, do not succumb to toxic relationships because you feel comfortable. Life is suppose to bring you nothing but joy, so make sure you don’t settle for less.

  1. Rejection means future acceptance.

Never punish yourself because of the rejections you get in life. Keep in mind that a no today means yes in the future. Learn not to put yourself down after a rejection because you may not live to see acceptance. Always be confident that you deserve what you want in life and let that be your happy place.

  1. Embrace the growth mindset

Growing, is an attribute of humanity so don’t miss out on that. We were made to grow and enhance ourselves. Your primary purpose in life should be to build a better version of your person. To make your life a masterpiece, you need to embrace the growth mindset.

  1. Accept failure and learn from it

Failure is a part of life. Failing in one aspect of life  which doesn’t determine the end of life. Failure can only stop your life if you let it. It is important that we keep a good state of mind for the future.

Your failure today only means you get a chance to succeed tomorrow. It is never the end until you stop living life. Following this step gets you closer to accomplishing the act of making your life a happy movie.

  1. Practice passion and perseverance.

Passion is very vital for keeping the fire burning in you. We sometimes lose our purpose in life cause we get cut up with the wrong things in life. We get distracted with getting comfortable and forget the life that makes us happy. We get tired of working for greater because we have just enough.

Your perseverance through the working times will determine if you get to your desired lifestyle. Don’t settle for an okay life because you can’t go the extra mile. Going extra miles for the life you want is living life in a movie because not many of us get to experience this in our time on earth.

  1. Make your weakness a strength

Weakness is sometimes underrated. Our society has made us believe that weaknesses are meant to show failures in life. We are all good and bad at different things in this life. The most important thing to learn about weakness is it pushes us closer to the things we are good at.

Breaking down to your weakness is not a good idea because you may never get to find what you are good at. Nothing is certain in life. Do not think you are a failure because you failed that test or because you are bad at that job. Move forward, find the things that make your soul happy.

We all have one thing in life we will be excited about doing everyday. Be happy about finding your weaknesses and use them as an instrument to your success.

  1. Be committed to your dreams

Dreams are the reasons why we live. Dreams are there to fulfill a purpose. Dreams are the reasons why we wish to wake up every morning with a smile on our faces.

Never let go of your dreams, they are the factors of your consistent happiness in life. Dreams keep joy and ambition flowing in you.

  1. Consider stress and anxiety unacceptable

Stress is a life drainer. Stress prevents you from seeing the beauty in the little moments in everyday life. Your goal should be to keep a peaceful mind throughout your life. The difficulty here comes in when you don’t have control over your reactions to moments. Live life with a goal of not tolerating stress and anxiety into your life.